Awakens the sleeping chi


Stimulates our whole self

Indian Summer



Invites us to free ourselves


Brings us softness and calm


Awakens the sleeping chi


It stimulates our whole self

Indian Summer



It invites us to free ourselves


It brings us softness and calm

chiharmonie, what is it?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its principles are the theoretical basis of chiharmonie. Throughout the five seasons, practice changes, evolves and adapts to the energy that nature gives off.

Spring awakens sleeping chi, summer stimulates our whole self, Indian summer refocuses us, autumn invites us to let go and winter brings softness and calm.

This seasonal rhythm, very often neglected in our daily activities, allows us, once assimilated into our lives, to be more focused and efficient, to be more attentive and in balance with our emotions, and to strengthen our health in general.

Structure and content of a course:

More specifically, chiharmonie courses are shaped according to the five seasons. Each station is linked to the meridians (energy channels that pass through our body) which are stimulated, stretched and strengthened during the practice to better nourish the chi to the organs associated with them, and thus bring the balance (yin and yang, deficiency chi or overabundant chi).

The different practices that make up a class are inspired, on the one hand, by martial arts and traditional Chinese gymnastics practices (QiQong, Taï-chi) and, on the other hand, by different styles of yoga and Pilates. Active relaxation, stretching, self-massage and breathing and meditation exercises are present in the second part of the class.

Practice is supported by music and colored balls associated by their tones and smells (essential oil synergies) with the different seasons in order to amplify body sensations and provide support.

chiharmonie, for whom?

Are you young and dynamic? are you old and looking for a course that suits your needs? are you injured? are you pregnant? do you have chronic pain? are you taking up a long-forgotten sporting activity?

It is never too late to start!

Exercises, postures and intensity are adapted with variations according to each individual. It is recommended to simply inform your instructor in case of specific problems and attend regularly to fully feel the benefits, which are numerous!


  • Tone up

  • Relax

  • Gaining vital energy

  • Loosen up, breathe qualitatively

  • Refocus

  • Calm your mind

  • Be more in tune with one’s body and feelings

  • Emotional balance

  • Tune in to the rhythm of the seasons and nature

  • Connect with your inner self

  • Free yourself physically and mentally

The Balls

There’s something poetic in a chiharmonie ball! An effervescence too! Their different colors and aromas give them that uniqueness you don’t find anywhere else.

There are six basic-color shades: green, red, yellow, orange, blue and purple.

All the colors are associated with one of the five seasons of the Chinese calendar. It’s up to you to discover them!

Smells also play their part, as each color corresponds to a synergy of essential oils that will be applied to the balls with a spray.

Therefore, colors and smells allow us to support our practice through olfactotherapy and chromotherapy (even if we do not use them in a therapeutic setting).


chiharmonie? Energy in the harmony of the seasons. With Simona, always motivated and therefore motivating, a different training every day leaves no room for relaxation. I have always left my worries of the moment behind the door to fully enjoy this moment with the energy of the group. I loved following her classes that gave me the satisfaction of doing good to my body with happiness. Thanks to her.

-Appoline Raposo

I felt a great sense of well-being and serenity at the end of the classes. I love this respect for the seasons, for nature, but also for the meridians of our body. The sequences are varied; some are smooth, others more dynamic, impregnating our body and mind with positive energy. Thanks to chiharmonie for these moments of happiness and to you, Simona, for transmitting it with so much passion and love.

-Vanessa Bron

I enjoy the chiharmonie classes because the exercises practiced are based on traditional Chinese medicine and adapted to each season. The aim is always to circulate the energy: the chi. The weekly practice helps us refocus our body and mind in harmony with the seasons.
I love the mix of techniques inspired by yoga, Chinese gymnastics, Pilates… This mixture provides a great relaxation and a moment of serenity.

-Patricia Saugeon

The chiharmonie class… that escape moment during the week. My own moment, which allows me to focus, relax, connect with myself.
That moment that you always look forward to.
-Céline Suter

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